George E. Mitchell Carvings

A book (and heirloom) which unifies, contains and maintains the carvings of George E. Mitchell.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum Collection

George was very much a maker of things. He built his house from scratch. Boats, tools and furniture followed, but his many carvings are the subject of this book – one of which, Dancing Man (1948), is in the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum permanent collection.

There was a desire to take some pressure away from the collection’s new custodians, the objects themselves and in turn come to know a man I never knew through the things he left behind. One of the things he did leave behind were several cloth-bound books containing plans and ideas.

Only six copies of the book exist. One for each descendent family, one in a private collection and one in the Russell-Cotes library in Bournemouth.