Doll with shaved head on cardboard plinth.

Private collection

In its simplest form this may be nothing more than a comical scene – a doll standing before us sheepishly covering it’s ‘action-man smooth patch’.

It speaks to the best and the worst of us. A liberated person, a statue or Oscars statuette celebrating achievement, a public speaker on a soapbox in speakers corner exercising their right for free speech or an artist baring their soul to an audience.

On the other hand – the common nightmare of suddenly being naked in front of a crowd, Cersei Lannister’s ‘shame’ march through the streets of Kings Landing or the undignified horror of the concentration camp.

However we like to project ourselves, no matter what we have, whatever we adorn ourselves with, ultimately we are all the same – powerful, vulnerable, ingenious, flawed, beautiful, beastly animals trying to shape the world… or maybe it’s just a doll stood on a box.