Water Ain’t Blue, But It Wants To (Tagged)

A painting about migration, ‘tagging’, eyes in portraits that follow you around the room, and birds following magnetic fields.

Oil, paper and paint pens on canvas (80x65cm).

Headline components are as follows:

Due to the revitalising nature of artists, it is rumored that during a period of regeneration in New York City you could bring a painting to City Hall to prove you were an artist, which entitled you to a rent-free apartment.

A bullet hole replaces the stars that adorn the American flag for somewhat obvious reasons.

Water is clear, but appears more blue the thicker the sample.

In cities across the world ‘tagging’ is commonplace. It appears to happen with such frequency in some spots, that if something was left in the street for long enough, someone would tag it. There will always be a debate as to where the line is drawn between vandalism and art, some have crossed that line. 

How do birds know what direction to fly when migrating long distances? It is widely accepted that they can see magnetic fields, so simply follow them like a map. 

You will often hear people describing the eyes in a portrait painting as appearing to follow them around a room (explored briefly in films like Harry Potter, Ghostbusters and Velvet Buzzsaw), which perpetuates the idea that the subject has somehow become trapped or contained inside.