Curating Research Seminar

Whilst academic texts, like books, papers and journals, do a good job of being a mothership or bible to underpin research, they do a bad job of catching ones eye, seducing a consumer or getting information efficiently in to the public consciousness. They are but one thing on a huge spectrum of potential research outputs.

The multifarious flow of information consumed by the wider population is far more influential on public opinion, understanding and action. ‘Curating Research’ therefore uses the skill-set of a curator to inform a more progressive style of research communication that deals in the design and presentation of outputs in culture and society.

Education settings provide places for teachers and learners to converse freely. But what happens when the former is not present? A parallel ‘knowledge transfer’ relationship in the art world would be between artist and viewer. Here a curator endeavours to uncover methods to communicate, frame or place the ideas of the artist. The research community would benefit greatly from a similar role.

The seminar (Bath Spa University School of Education, 2019) contextualises the theory and practice of ‘curating research’ for an academic audience.

Even though curatorial practice and subsequent discourse will for now remain within departments of art and design, because of its historical use in the world of art galleries and museums, its future as an umbrella that sits above disciplines will eventually reveal its true weight in the world.